We’re a recognized and respected industry agency.

We train and vet members by our own code of professional standards, performing due diligence and lobbying for regulation. We hope, changing public perception, by acting with integrity.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the pinnacle solutions service provider of investigation and specialized security services to our clients through InnovationIntelligence and Integration.



We have full and professional liability and indemnity insurance coverage. We also have fail-safe disaster recovery plans in place, which means you can be assured your personal or corporate information, data and research is absolutely safe in our hands.

In terms of how we work; upon receipt of your instructions we will assign one of our expert investigators or security specialists to take on your inquiry and they will see it right through to its conclusion. They will also be supported by our experienced, friendly and fully-staffed executive team. This enables us to ensure we always respond to your inquiries efficiently, swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.



We are able to provide our services on a local, national and global scale having had a great deal of investigation and security experience across Canada, USA, Asia and the Middle East.



We will refuse to work on cases involving unwarranted espionage, malicious and intrusive investigations and anything else we deem to be unethical or illegal.