The executive team at Tacit Investigations & Security is diverse and specialized with over 75 years of combined industry experience. 

We guarantee results, professionalism and privacy while working on any assignment, from highly complex investigations to covert surveillance operations and executive protection. 

Jeff Stone - President & CEO


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Jeff Stone, is a renowned investigator and surveillance operator in Canada. Along with his diverse team of highly skilled investigators and security specialists, he has developed a strategic plan to advance the agency’s mission and objectives.

The expertise Jeff provides allows the agency to foster revenue, profitability and sustainable growth. Ultimately, providing the most professional services to our clients and always exceeding industry standards.

Bob Fowle - Vice President

Executive Director of Risk Solutions

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Bob is Vice President of Risk Solutions for Tacit Investigations and Security. He has spent nearly 40 years working in the Private Investigations and Private Security industry. His vast experience and substantive knowledge will provide Tacit Investigations & Security clients with an array of solutions designed around the clients needs.

Whether it’s conducting onsite security risk analysis for our Commercial and Industrial clients or providing Executive Protection details for our Corporate clients, Bob’s expertise will provide a comprehensive assessment that when executed will have our clients feel assured . Bob demands from both himself and the Tacit Investigations and Security team the commitment to finding the right solution for the various Risk problems. The challenges facing Tacit clients require not only experience but the latest technical solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes

Storm Stone - Vice President

Executive Director of Security Operations

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Storm Stone is the Vice President of Security Operations with Tacit Investigations & Security. He is a career-oriented individual, with an emphasis on professionalism and providing superior results. Standing firmly by the company’s mantra “Acta-Non-Verba”, he prefers practical experience over what is learned from a chalk board. Since 2009, Storm has developed a vast set of skills, acquired through a combination of continuous training, mentorship and his own experiences in the field, granting him professional insight far beyond his own years. Storm agrees that there is a noticeable decline in the industry’s quality of security personnel and thus, the overall services their respective organizations provide. Storm has accepted the challenge of elevating the security industry as a whole, ensuring we are providing only quality security personnel with superior experience and training.

Randy James - Training & Development Instructor

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Randy James is the Training & Development Instructor for Tacit Investigations & Security. Randy joined the Winnipeg Police Service in 1974, and spent much of his career in general patrol.  He was prominent, in Field Training of junior officers, training a total of 22 constables.  Many would rise through the ranks during his Policing career, and received certificate training on “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design” (1998). Randy created the “Shop Theft Protocol”, a program designed to have Loss Prevention Officers process arrests without the need for police, for which he received Commendation.  Randy has instructed over 300 LPO’s in a single day course. In 2004, Randy obtained the designation of “Certified Protection Professional” from ASIS International, accrediting his knowledge in all aspects of Security Management.  Randy remains with the organization, instructing others during the annual study sessions.